Thankfully, complaints are extremely rare indeed. But, if you are unhappy with the service we offer you should follow this process:

1 - Contact us via the complaints form below on this page. Letting us know the nature of your complaint immediately as you start to feel unhappy.

2 - We would appreciate the opportunity to improve our service and will aim to ensure that our service meets your requirements.

3 - If we are unable to meet your requirements and yet it was clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions and website information that this would be the degree of service provided, no refund will be given.

4 - If your complaint is valid and we did not meet our service levels as shown in our Terms and Conditions, a refund will be given for the sessions that you will not be attending.

5 - If the complaint is in the nature of a claim, we will require a letter written by yourselves explaining exactly what happened and what you want to claim for. It must be dated and signed by yourself and this will be forwarded on to our Insurance company. Details of this can be found on the wall in the log cabin.

Complaints Form